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Updating your property doesn’t require hiring an expensive remodeling contractor. Instead, reach out to a skilled painter at Prep Smart Professional Painting. Formerly known as Ace Painting Professionals, our dependable home improvement company.

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It’s All About The Prep Work!

We believe that Preparation is 90% of the job! Everyone can paint…somewhat, but not everyone can Prep!

A properly prepared surface is the most important step to the long lasting durability and quality of your paint job. Our passion for prep work is what sets us apart as leading professionals. To ensure your paint service is done right, the PREP must be an innate passion within the Painter.

What we have quickly realized is that without proper prep work, you can’t expect quality results, you’ll get a result…but not a result that lasts. That’s why our Prep Smart Painting crew’s pride themselves in true quality craftsmanship!

You can depend on us to handle all your interior & exterior prep work.

Let us use an example from an interior paint job: Prep as follows…

  • Moving large furniture away from the walls and into the center of your rooms.
  • Moving any existing wall hangings, window treatments, mirrors, area rugs, cover plates, and appliances.
  • Placing drop cloths, plastic, and tarps to guard your floors, windows, trim, carpet, fixtures, and furniture.
  • Filing imperfections, cracks, and nail holes found in the substrate or drywall.
  • Caulking gaps and cracks between miter cuts in your trim and along the base.
  • Re-texturing or sanding patched areas to create a smooth appearance with the rest of your walls or ceilings.

From cabinet painting to exterior repaints; We look forward to serving you in North Kingstown, RI & the surrounding areas.

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